About Us

There are many ways to inspire confidence. To incite a smile. To evoke happiness. The commonality that binds all of these sensations–fulfilment.

There’s always that place you can go to because, as the theme song to a once popular sitcom goes: Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came. Acknowledgement brings fulfilment.  The idea that there is someone whom is dedicated to providing you with the specialised category of service particular to your expectations, is one less burden of concern, and one more reason to be happy.

That is the story of Carol’s Laundromat Cafe. Our story. And soon after you have experienced our commitment to people oriented service, it becomes your story too. A story about how your wife’s clean linen lightened her mood, the sneakers you had been wanting to chuck out suddenly bring sexy back and return to runner-up on your top two list of favourite footwear.

And the little one’s teddy bear or bunny-rabbit or piglet (BFFs) that they have so long refused passionately to have replaced, no longer makes you feel like it would be of better service scaring crows.

We serve fulfilment. All you have to do is pay us a visit either on our business page or premises.


Fatima Bibi Osman27/07/2019
Definitely saves me the time from dropping off and picking up laundry! Clothes are always spotless and clean.
Sandra Labuschagne08/05/2019
Friendly service, even after hours. Carol went an extra mile to accommodate me. I will recommend her to anyone.
Shannyn-Lee van Greunen11/04/2019
CLC is amazing!! Not only did she help me with my insane amount of washing but she got stains out that I had struggled and given up on and mended my favourite gown. Truly went above and beyond! Thank you for the wonderful service you offer.